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IMCO Tonnage Load Monitors Modular Systems



IMCO's  Modular Format within a metal Neema 12 enclosure gives the customer more versatility by combining state of the art electronic all contained in one enclosure and built to withstand the rugged metalworking environment.  No add on exterior modules that are easily accessible to damage and oil seepage.  A compact design that stays compact no matter what features are ordered.  This advantageous design concept can be broken down into sections that do not disable the entire system.  Everything unplugs and all IMCO system components are interchangeable, except TLD 4015 Module which holds the calibrating capacitors for the specific press the system is mounted on.  Any specific service due to damage or parts replacement can be carried out by the customer.  A complete pictorial parts manual is supplied with each system.

Main Printed Circuit "Mother Board"

IMCO Tonnage Load Monitor Main Printed Circuit  Mother Board

Digital Face Plate Front

IMCO Tonnage Load Monitor System 618-2 System


Digital Face Plate Back

IMCO Tonnage Load Monitor inside System 618-2 System Face Plate


Analog (Meter) Plate Front

IMCO Tonnage Load Monitor Hi Low System Face Plate


Analog (Meter) Plate Back

IMCI Tonnage Load Monitor inside Hi Low System Face Plate


Parts List Series 4000

TL4000 Digital Display   $225.00 Ea.
TL4000 -PCB Digital Display With Back PC Board      325.00 Ea.
TL4000 -B Digital Display Bezel        7.00 Ea.  
TL4001 LED Indicator Light Green (Specify System)             4.50 Ea.  
TL4002 LED Indicator Light Red (Specify System)      4.50 Ea.
TL4003 - 1  Face Plate  (1 Point System)         50.00 Ea.
TL4003 - 2  Face Plate  (2 Point System)             50.00 Ea.
TL4003 - 3  Face Plate  (4 Point System)             75.00 Ea.
TL4004 10/32 Inch Screw                .25 Ea.
TL4005 Control Knob 175-3-2G           35.00 Ea.
TL4006  Calibrate Switch 2 Point              2.50 Ea.
TL4006 - B Calibrate Switch Button           9.50 Ea.
TL4007  Reset Switch 2 Point              9.50 Ea.
TL4007 - B Reset Switch Button           2.50 Ea.
TL4008 Scale Conversion Kit, Disc with Resistor Pack (System Serial # Required)       125.00 Ea.
TL4008 -D Scale Conversion Kit  - Discs         50.00 Ea
TL4009 - 1  Door Window (Lexan)  (Specify 1 Point System)         35.00 Ea.
TL4009 - 2 Door Window (Lexan)  (Specify 2 Point System)                             35.00 Ea.
TL4009 - 3 Door Window (Lexan)  (Specify 4 Point System)          45.00 Ea.
TL4010 - 1 Door Frame With Gasket (Specify 1 Point System)             35.00 Ea.
TL4010 - 2 Door Frame With Gasket (Specify 2 Point System)          35.00 Ea.
TL4010 - 3 Door Frame With Gasket  (specify 4 Point System)           45.00 Ea.
TL4011-PCB Analog Meter With Back PC Board  (Meter Trim Module TLD 4044 )            250.00 Ea.
TL4011 Analog Meter            195.00 Ea.
TL4012   Control Knob 125-3-2G         12.50 Ea.
TL4013 Connector #3            6.00 Ea.
TL4014   Board Potentiometer 100K             4.50 Ea.
TL4016 Terminal Block - Transducer Input          9.00 Ea.
TL4017 Regulator Socket with Wire Harness (specify Voltage 12V or 5V)        15.00 Ea.
TL4018   Electrolytic Capacitor 1000uf35V               5.00 Ea.
TL4019 Diode           2.00 Ea.
TL4020 Electrolytic Capacitor 2200 uf16V            6.00 Ea.
TL4021 Fuse Holder              3 .00 Ea.
TL4022   Transformer          60.00 Ea.
TL4023  Bracket For Transformer With Hardware            5.00 Ea.
TL4024  Connector For Fuse         2.25 Ea. 
TL4025 Programming Connector (Specify 110V or 22V)            1.50 Ea.
TL4026 Capacitor .01 mfd 600V            7.00 Ea.
TL4027 Relay 12 Volt        35.00 Ea.
TL4028  Relay Clip                .25 Ea.
TL4029 Relay Socket               2.90 Ea.
TL4030   Terminal Block - Power          15.00 Ea. 
TL4031 Opto Isolator             3.00 Ea.
TL4032 Opto Isolator Socket           1.00 Ea.
TL4033  NI-Cad Battery 3.6 Volt             55.00 Ea.
TL4034 Connector For NI-Cad Battery              1.00 Ea.
TL4035 Connector #2              6.00 Ea.
TL4036  Connector #3                 6.00 Ea. 
TL4037  Board Potentiometer 5K            4.50 Ea. 
TL4038 Flat washer, Spring Lock washer and 10/32 IN. Screw               .20 Ea. 
TL4039 TLD-438 Digital Display Trimmer Module          250.00 Ea.
TL4040 TLD-440H High Limit Trigger Trim Module           115.00 Ea. 
TL4041  Door Key (Set of two)           5.00 Ea. 
TL4042 Door Lock Assembly including Two Keys         55.00 Ea.
TL4043 TLD-440L Low Limit Trigger Trim Module            175.00 Ea. 
TL4044 Meter Trim Module       75.00 Ea.
TL4045 - 1 Wire Harness 1 Point (System Serial # Required)      150.00 Ea.
TL4045 - 2 Wire Harness 2 Point (System Serial # Required)      175.00 Ea.
TL4045 - 3 Wire Harness 4 Point (System Serial # Required)             275.00 Ea
TL4046  Regulator 5 Volt         10.00 Ea.
TL 4046C Cap for 5 Volt Regulator         1.25 Ea.
TL4047 Regulator 12 Volt                 10.00 Ea.
TL 4047C Cap for 12 Volt Regulator         1.25 Ea.
TLD 400 Amplifier Module         275.00 Ea. 
TLD 405 High-Low Control Module      250.00 Ea.
TLD 465 Control Module     200.00 Ea.
TLD 470 Ready Check Module        175.00 Ea.   
TLD 460 Reset Module        225.00 Ea
TLD 440 Trigger Trim Module  see TL4040 and TL4043     150.00 Ea.
TLD 415 Signal Conditioning Module   see TL4015     195.00 Ea
TLD 438 Digital Display Trimmer Module  see TL4039      150.00 Ea.
TLD 425 Reversa Load Module         175.00 Ea.
TL4048   Load Cell Indicator Cable      225.00 Ea. 
TL4049  Transducer Top & Bottom Mounting Brackets (1 SET)           55.00 Set  
TL4049 -Y Transducer Top & Bottom Mounting Brackets (1 SET)  High Output Retrofit      60.00 Set  
TL4050 Capacitance Switch Box (Decade Box)          250.00 Ea.
TL4051  Calibrating Capacitor Kit ( 8 Values - 10 of each )           225.00 Kit
TL4051 - C Calibrating Capacitors, Choice of 8 Values  .01, .001, .022, .0022, .033, .0033, .00047, .0068
Option  # 910 Cam/Proximity Switch Assembly for Low Limit        225.00 Ea.
TL4052 Inhibit The First Stroke Module        275.00 Ea.
TL4053  Shock Mount            6 .00 Ea.
TL4054  Tapered Pipe Tap 1/8IN - 27 (Tap For Brackets)         35.00 Ea.  
TL4055 Torque Wrench For Transducers (15 INCH LBS.)          275.00 Ea
TL4056  Accumulator Snuffers            5.25 Ea.
TL4057  Mother Board One Channel Analog Complete with Modules      1095.00 Ea.
TL4058 Mother Board One Channel Digital Complete with Modules     1150.00 Ea.
TL4059 Mother Board Two Channel Analog Complete with Modules       1500.00 Ea.
TL4060 Mother Board Two Channel Digital Complete with Modules       1550.00 Ea.
TL4061 Mother Board Four Channel Analog Complete with Modules         2,900.00 Ea.
TL4062 Mother Board Four Channel Digital Complete with Modules     2,950.00 Ea.
TL4063  Mother Board Only Two Channel         900.00 Ea. 
TL4064 Mother Board Only Four Channel        1300.00 Ea.
TL4065 Power Cord           15.00 Ea.
TL4066 Column Mounting Belfoil Cable         2.00 Per ft.
TL4067 Pitman Mounting Teflon Cable       4.00 Per ft.
TL4068 Transducer Cover Box, designed especially for transducers              35.00 Ea.
TL4069 Transducer Bracket Insertion Tool          45.00 Ea.
TL4070 Dummy Test Bridge For System 1000          95.00 Ea.
TL4071 Piezoelectric Transducer Mounting Bracket (Top & Bottom) One Set          45.00 Ea.
TL4072 Battery Power Supply Pack for Portable System 500B       225.00 Ea.
TL4073 Load Cell 5 Pin Male Connector         20.00 Ea.
TL4074 Manual for Load Monitor         25.00 Ea.
TL4076 Scope or Strip Chart Recorder Connection Field Mounting KIT 2 Channel       325.00 Ea.
TL4077 Scope or Strip Chart Recorder Connection Field Mounting KIT 4 Channel       350.00 Ea.
TL4078 LED Socket for Face Plate           4.00 Ea.
TL4079 LED for Face Plate           2.00 Ea.
TL4080 LED Lens for Face Plate          2.00 Ea.
TL4081 Fuse for Load Monitor          2.00 Ea.
TL4082 Cable for Connecting Load Cell to Load Cell Indicator System 1000 or System 1000-4       150.00 Ea.
TL4084 Mounting Ball           6.00 Ea.
TL4085 Mother Board Two Channel Hi-Lo Analog Complete with Modules   1600.00 Ea.
TL4086 Mother Board Two Channel Hi-Lo Digital Complete with Modules   1750.00 Ea.
TL4087 Proximity Switch Assembly     75.00 Ea.
TL4088 Summing Board for Summing Digital Display  225.00 Ea.
TL4089 Summing Digital Display with Summing PC Board  450.00 Ea.
TL4090 Display Limits Switch for 1 Channel and 2 Channel  45.00 Ea.
TL4090-4 Display Limits Switch for 4 Channel  95.00 Ea.