IMCO Piezoelectric Crystal Transducer    PIEZOELECTRIC  "Crystal" TRANSDUCER


The Piezoelectric Transducer was first introduced to the Metalworking Market because it offered unique characteristics ideal for the rugged press room environment.  It provides repeatable, precision measurement for dynamic machinery.  

Economically unmatched, quality built in the U.S.A. to out perform and out last previous known methods of Load Monitoring and Die Detection Systems. IMCO'S remarkable Piezoelectric Transducers and Systems are found throughout the United States and around the World.

Piezoelectric is a crystal which creates it own natural self-generating signal which is 50,000 times greater than a strain gage signal.  This naturally strong signal needs no amplification as does the strain gage type and is not affected by temperature change, vibration, shock, oil, dirt or press speed change.   

The Piezoelectric Transducer is inherently stable.   All the signal level coming from the transducer is showing exactly what the press and dies are telling you. What you see is what you get!  It produces a clean signal without interference from meaningless outside electrical disturbances which produce inaccurate data.  The wave form generated from a Piezoelectric Transducer shows a smooth unaffected signal coming only from the press and dies.  

Piezoelectric Transducers require only the drilling and tapping of two holes for each transducer to either the columns or pitmans of the press.   An easy to follow "stick on" template is provided for transducer positioning.  A ball joint mounting makes exact alignment unnecessary. 

The value of a Load Monitor has on your production will depend on the readings it receives from the transducers.  Piezoelectric Transducers offer a precision, reliable source to confidently establish the basis of your data.  

All IMCO Load Monitor Systems come with the appropriate pre-wired Piezoelectric Transducers on either Teflon or Belfoil cable depending on the selected mounting location.

IMCO has developed a diverse line of Piezoelectric Transducers to compliment required results for Press Monitoring and Production Quality. 

Key Benefits 

   Self-generating 4 Volt signal 50,000 times greater than strain gage type.   High noise immunity to  electrical
disturbances.  No transient suppressors or pre-amplifiers used.
   Inherently Stable - All signal level from a Piezoelectric Transducer is a valid recognized
      load signal.  No automatic zeroing circuit needed to compensate for drift or spiking due
      to noise.  No extra electronics needed to eliminate noise.   Accurately transmits a precise
      load signal from ultra high speed presses.
   Unaffected -  by speed change, vibration, shock, stray magnetic fields, oil or dirt.  Durable
      for normal user abuse.
   Versatile mounting - Unique ball joint mounting maintains alignment on curved or
      irregular surfaces, which make it easy to column or pitman mount the transducers
      on all type of presses.
  Temperature Stable - Controlled test chamber study has been conducted using extreme hot
     and cold temperature changes which proved to show no interference with the functioning
     of transducers and systems.



112 Black            Pitman Mounting      Two conductor shielded cable inert to oil and grease 

112G Green        Column Mounting     Two conductor shielded belfoil cable 

112Y Yellow        Column Mounting     Two conductor shielded belfoil cable

112 IDS Red       In-Die Mounting       Two conductor shielded cable inert to oil and grease


IMCO Piezoelectric Transducerwpe57478.gif (10001 bytes)wpe13507.gif (12555 bytes)

In-Die "Satellite" Transducer

IMCO IN DIE Piezoelectric Transducers
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